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Garment Care

Sustainable fashion doesn’t start and end on the factory floor. Once you’ve decided to buy sustainable you can help to protect the planet and reduce waste by looking after your clothes. This increases their life span while avoiding pollution and saving valuable water and energy. Here are some small but meaningful ways you can help us reduce BARE’s impact on the world, even after they’ve shipped.

4 / Dry
Save money (and the planet) and don’t use a dryer. Instead, use solar and wind power to dry your clothes? Just hang them on the clothesline and let the sun and wind do all the work. Your clothes will thank you in cold water.

5 / Ironing
Life’s too short to do the ironing. If you hang your garments to dry on a hanger you’ll avoid peg marks and keep clothes crease-free. You’ll save heaps of energy as well. If you must iron, try doing so while garments are still damp. Dry knits flat in the shade to help keep their shape.

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