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Meet the Makers

It is important to us for you to know who made your clothes and that all manufacturing and production is made sustainable and ethically. Let us introduce our incredibly talented makers and factories that create BARE. Our goal is to minimise the negative impacts that are linked to manufacturing and to ensure each individual associated with our brand is treated fairly and respectfully at all times. Our supply partners share our desire to contribute positively to the world through our work. We choose each supplier carefully to ensure our values are aligned. Here are the stats on our factories.

About /
This small scale company was established in 2009 by Ms. Novi Widiastuti .

Having studied fashion industry, Novi worked for a fashion company for few years before she decided to set up a business of her own together with her husband Mr. Herdy D Sayogha, who is in charge of marketing and public relations. Stakeholders of the business including staff, employees, suppliers, clients, agencies, and other service providers are treated like family and it is made certain that everyone shares in the glories.

Employees /
Almost all employees have been working with NOWAMS from the beginning. Many of the employees joined with previous experience from other garment companies. While suppliers and third parties service providers were carefully selected to ensure meeting the high standard of the company, from quality of fabrics, or various printings (screen, digital, pigment, natural plant dye, solid colour dying, etc). Every step of the process is monitored in detail, from development to packaging to ensure quality.

Factory insights: 1 / All employees have at least 5 years of experience in garment processing.
2 / All employees work less than 8 hours a day and do no overtime.
3 / The factory is very socially responsible, pays social insurance to employees, organises employees to travel with their families and increases mutual trust.
4 / Most of the employees have been working with her for more than 6 years.

1 / What sort of dyes are used for the midnight black, espresso and coconut milk colourways?
We use the reactive dyeing’s for the midnight black, espresso and coconut milk colourways. We asked our dyeing factory to dye the yarns and the dye is organic.

2 / Explain about the OCS certification?
It means Organic Content Standard. The Organic Content Standard (OCS) is a voluntary standard from Textile Exchange for tracking and verifying the content of organically grown materials in a final product. The standard verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a final product, and this applies to any non-food product containing 5 – 100 per cent organic material.


About /
Our cotton, knitwear and hemp fabrics are all fully certified organic according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the leading worldwide standard for the processing and manufacture of organic textiles. For a clothing manufacturer to receive GOTS certification it must comply with ecological and social criteria including the use of organic fibres and non-toxic dyes, ethical treatment of workers and safe working conditions, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Only textiles produced and certified according to the provisions of the standard can carry the GOTS label. To learn more about our natural fabrics and how to look after them, check the care label on your BARE garment.

The SA8000 Standard and Certification System provides a framework for organisations across the globe to conduct business in a way that is fair and decent for workers and to demonstrate their adherence to the highest social standards. Our knit factory is in the process of applying for this important certification.

Our terry fabric supplier has been independently verified by SGS to ensure its production processes meet international standards, and our knitwear and terry fabrics are certified according to the Organic Content Standard (OCS) a voluntary standard led by global not-for-profit Textile Exchange that tracks and verifies the presence and amount of organic material in a completed product.

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