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Running a sustainable business means always asking questions – How can we further reduce our impact? Where can we do better? – and as we grow and adapt and learn we’ll continue to ask questions and find ways we can improve. We’ve established strong relationships with our makers, and we work closely with our suppliers to maintain consistently high standards. In every decision we make, we consider our environmental responsibility, our social accountability and our contribution to animal welfare. Instead of producing trend-led pieces that quickly date, we at BARE are focused on creating timeless garments that are made to last. Like us, our suppliers are small, family-owned businesses that care about the world in which we live, share our values and are committed to sustainability.


In designing the BARE collection, we understand that our final design will influence the lifelong environmental impacts of each garment. Our aim is to create only timeless products, so we slow down and think about what our customers want to wear. We want each piece you purchase to be part of your wardrobe for many years to come so we take time to consider the essential elements for both style and wearability. We ask ourselves which fabric is best for each garment, how you’ll wear the garment and how often, we question its versatility, and assess how well it will withstand frequent use. The sustainability of each garment doesn’t stop the minute it is shipped – we consider the life of each piece. We use only sustainable fabrics from our preferred fibres list. We strive to minimise waste in our factories, construct garments so as to reduce wastage and find ways to use every scrap of remnant fabric – hello scrunchies!

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We ensure our items are made to the highest quality, and we work with our suppliers and technicians to ensure each garment is made to last. Before we sew a single stitch, we take a step back to consider each garment and its intent. We consider not only the cuts, which are timeless and transcend seasons, but also the durability of the seams and the strength of the stitching, to ensure that our designs endure. We aim to produce only what you want to buy and limit the number of units we produce to avoid excess stock. This means when you buy BARE you are purchasing a unique piece that few others own.

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+ The Makers

We take our social responsibility seriously and it starts with the people who make our garments. Our goal is to minimise the negative impacts that are linked to manufacturing and to ensure each individual associated with our brand is treated fairly and respectfully at all times. Our supply partners share our desire to contribute positively to the world through our work. We choose each supplier carefully to ensure our values are aligned.

Meet the Makers

BARE is made from a mix of hemp and organic cottons, high-quality
sustainable fibres that are free from pesticides and use less water than conventional fabrics.
Historically the fashion industry hasn’t had a great reputation for sustainability. Alongside agriculture, cotton production has been a huge polluter globally, mainly due to pesticide use in cotton crops, and the consequences for the environment have been devastating.
At BARE we’re doing everything we can to use sustainable fabrics including organic cotton and pesticide-free hemp.

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At Bare we use organic dyes derived from natural sources to colour our fabrics, avoiding the harmful toxins that often end up polluting our waterways in commercial printing operations. For our knits we use reactive dyes that bond with the yarn fibres for ultimate colourfastness. These organic pigments produce our rich natural midnight black, chocolatey espresso and neutral coconut milk colourways. Our French terry items are dyed in-house, using eco-friendly dyes, then woven, cut and sewn by the same dedicated workers. Moving forward we are committed to ensuring all of our suppliers are Bluesign Certified dyeing facilities only and we’ll continue to ensure that all dyeing is tested against the Restricted Substance List.


Our packaging is minimal and designed to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Once ready for shipping, BARE garments are protected by a 100% compostable and biodegradable bag largely made from corn starch and other plant-based material. It may look like plastic, but it isn’t, we promise, and it breaks down quickly, leaving no toxic residue.

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"Becoming an i=change brand is a defining moment for us.
We now support 3 life-changing projects, so with every donation our customers choose - we are literally clothing the vulnerable, replanting trees, and providing shelter. Amazing!"

Pete de Gail, Founder

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As an independent, family owned-and-run business, BARE is committed to reducing the impact we have on our world. We have assessed our everyday practices in our offices and fulfilment centre to minimise our ecological footprint. We support the local cafés and stores and stock our kitchen to avoid the need for single-use items. We’ve given every employee in our Gold Coast office a reusable coffee cup to help reduce waste. Everything from the cleaning products we use to our everyday office supplies are as green as they can get. Our offices are largely paperless – no paper invoices! – and we are diligent about recycling. Our product packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable. We are committed to educating our team about sustainable practices and we review our company policies annually to ensure that we are always evolving and improving. We are committed to treating each other, our customers and our suppliers fairly and with respect and we’ll continue to make conscious choices about how we live and work.

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