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Preferred Fibres

We create BARE garments from a mix of hemp and organic cottons, wherever we can, always striving to use high-quality sustainable fibres that are free from pesticides and use less water than conventional fabrics. On occasion, if our preferred fabrics are temporarily unavailable or the product demands an alternative, we’ll prioritise social responsibility – by choosing an ethically run, family-friendly factory, for example, and continue to work towards the use of organic fibres in each and every BARE garment.  

We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and we’re the first to admit that we’re not perfect. As we continue our adventure, we invite the BARE community to learn alongside us and help us make a difference. Join us in caring for the world we share.

1 / Organic Hemp
Hemp is a fast-growing crop that requires very little water and no pesticides to thrive, which makes it a sustainable choice. Hemp is derived from the stem of the Cannabis sativa plant (a variety with lower levels of intoxicants than the marijuana plant). Pure hemp mimics the natural weave and movement of linen, and like linen, hemp keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. It even offers natural UV protection. These qualities make hemp the ideal choice for our everyday basics.

Our hemp fibres are grown in China. Hemp crops grow quickly without irrigation and thrive on rainfall alone, so they use up to 50 per cent less water than cotton crops. We don’t use pesticides or chemical fertilisers and our hemp is certified organic according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Once harvested, hemp is left to ferment, a natural process that breaks down the natural pectins in the bark. The pure hemp fibres are then ready to be spun or woven into organic hemp yarn or blended and woven with organic cotton to produce our soft, wearable fabrics.

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